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Exhibition Title: Cuttings, 2011
Artwork Title: Current

Exploration in divergent approaches to sculpture and sound by five artists and musicians.

Curator: Rosemary Joy.
Artists: Rosemary Joy, Natasha Anderson, Sarah Pirrie, Dale Gorfinkel and Vanessa Tomlinson.

Exhibition Venue: Linden New Art, Melbourne

Materials include: Fan, paper, recycled wire and hooks, found weights from St Kilda, Rare Earth Magnets concealed in sculpting putty and paper

About Current: Consciously divining my immortality as waste and by-product, I test my practice and its materiality. Current is an installation and event using hand-made paper forms and wind. Generated by a commercial fan wind acts as the main protagonist of the artwork while the paper endures to discover new associations and sculptural entanglements.

The aleatoric composing in Current uses hand-made papers reminiscent of an ocean world full of leafy and weedy strata. The ten days within Linden Gallery set a defined rhythm of action and inaction. The paper's fragile forms adjoin our world in a theatrical performance of survival.

Destruction is inevitable but creativity live in what we do after the event.